Charter a Club

Thanks for having interest in chartering a club here at Whitworth. Please speak with the FVP and read through the ASWU club manual before completing this process. The submission process is a three part process: general information, details, and the advisor/officer/member list. Please make sure you have all this information handy when starting the charter.

Club Info

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complete name
short and concise
inclusion of symbols, 'whitworth', and 'club' is not allowed
short statement shown on club listings page;
255 characters that describe what your club is all about

Club Details

If yes, what is the annual due amount?
If yes, what is the restriction?
Do this club have any local, state, or national affiliations?
please describe your plans for at least two special events or projects that you would like to accomplish this year



The order in which officers are listed here will be the same order that they are listed on the website. Please take this into consideration. The first officer will be assumed to have the Presidential role. This allows clubs to give their top officer a different position title, if desired.

Member List

Please list the name and email of proposed members of this club or who your club is targeted to.
If you encounter any unexpected errors please send a report to

Whitworth ASWU

300 W. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99251