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Jan Term Experiences: Computer Science Off Campus Opportunities

2/8/18 7:15 PM in Eric Johnston 308

Come Hear about CS Study Abroad and Internship Opportunities from students who just returned! Opportunities discussed include the CS Trips to London (2018) and Asia (2016), the Smithsonian Program, and other internships.

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Past Events

  • Hackathon - November 2017
  • Fall Break Company Trip 2017 - California
  • Talk with Alumni Event - October 2017
  • Resume Workshop - October 2017
  • Git Hub Workshop - September 2017
  • Ruthe Farmer Guest Speaker 
  • Fall Break Company Trip 2016 - Seattle

Students with Ruthe Farmer

Students With Guest Speaker Ruthe Farmer







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Bao Tran

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Eli Gavett

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UX Workshop Officer
Amanda Johnston

Linux Workshop Officer
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Unity Workshop Officer
Amon Sthapit

Database Workshop Officer
Kathleen Levi

HTML/CSS Workshop Officer
Michael Gamlem

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