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1) Build the file the size you want to print. 8.5x11 flier? Build your document 8.5x11 inches. Letter-half booklet? Build it 8.5x5.5. An 11x17 poster? Build it that size. Want two sizes? Build two files. Letter size is the default in Word, but you can easily change that under Page Setup.

2) Be careful of the resolution of any graphics you use. Images on the web: 72 DPI. Images for print: 150 to 300 DPI. If you grab a logo or photo off the internet, unless you make it tiny, it will probably look wretched in print. (No, you can't use Photoshop magic to take an image from 72 to 300 DPI. It doesn't work.) You might find larger images by adding size to your search parameters, and sites like Wikimedia Commons have larger images that allow reuse under a Creative Commons license. Try free vector sites like Vecteezy for images that look good at any size. And you can find high-resolution Whitworth logos on our website.

3) Choose the right format for the file you submit. JPGs are not a good choice as we don't use Photoshop. PDFs are ideal. Word docs are OK, though Word is a primitive tool for page layout. But Word and most programs allow you to export a PDF of your file. Send us the PDF!

4) Your print will have a white border, because copiers can't print all the way to the edge of the paper. Yes, there is a way around this — you build your file with a "bleed," which lets images run past the edges of the paper, and you add crop marks to show where to trim. We print the file on larger paper, then trim off the excess. No white border! But you have to plan ahead. Some software will do bleeds and crop marks, but you can also do it by hand.

5) "Ganging up" or "multiple-up" printing to save money. So you want to print a postcard-sized handout. It would be wasteful and expensive to print one per 8.5x11-inch page. If the cards measure 4x5.25 inches, four of them will fit on an 8.5x11 sheet. Build the file on 8.5x11, put four of the same card on the page, complete with crop marks, and you've just "imposed" or ganged up your file. If the card has printing on the back side, you need to repeat the process with a second page, and make sure the crop marks line up with the front! Learn more

6) Use black-and-white to save money. Color copies cost about 10 times as much as b/w. How about making the front of your job color, and the back b/w?

7) Watch out for common style errors. Yes, Whitworth has a style manual. Basically, we use a modified version of AP Style, but for posters and fliers, a few tips on times and dates should suffice. For times, we use a.m. and p.m. (with periods!). No :00. (It isn't necessary.) For example, 3 p.m.; 5-6:45 p.m.; 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Noon-3 p.m. (no spaces on either side of the hyphen). For dates we abbreviate all but the five short month names when used with a number: Nov. 13; March 31; Feb. 28; July 3. We don't use "nd" or "st" or "rd" after the number. These seven tips should help you create print jobs that print easily and look good. And the publications office is happy to advise on style and clarity — just send [email protected] a file before you print.

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