Pirate PRIDE


We are Pirate Pride.

We are an ASWU club focused on facilitating open conversations surrounding LGBT+ issues to the community at large. We are focused on providing a safe and fun place for all members of campus to come and talk, have fun, and make friendships. This club is open to EVERYONE: LGBT+ persons, allies, faculty, staff, students, visiting family. Come say hello!


We meet every Tuesday from 7-9(ish)pm and Wednesday from 8-10(ish)pm in the ABC room located on the HUB 2nd floor.

Additional Meetings (Same Room)

Mental Health Support Group: Mondays 6-7pm

Small Group: Mondays 7-8pm (Club members only please)

Book Club: Thursdays 6-7pm

All meetings are open to everyone in the community except for small group.


Send comments/questions/concerns/suggestions/weird jokes to [email protected]



Prime Minister
Nathaniel Morgan

Princess of Outreach
Ryan Karpenko

Royal Ambassador to the School
Sarah Chandler

Kailley Grantham

Princx of the Treasury
Riley Hanly

Whitworth ASWU

300 W. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99251