We are Pirate Pride.

We are an ASWU club focused on facilitating open conversations surrounding LGBT+ issues to the community at large. We are focused on providing a safe and fun place for all members of campus to come and talk, have fun, and make friendships. This club is open to EVERYONE: LGBT+ persons, allies, faculty, staff, students, visiting family. Come say hello!


We meet every Monday at 7:30pm and Tuesday at 7pm and in the ABC room located on the HUB 2nd floor.

Additional Meetings (Same Room)

Mental Health Support Group: Wednesday 7pm




Updated 10/17


Sarah Chandler

Vice President/Treasurer
Colette Campbell

Spiritual Coordinator
Elisah Winikka

Social Media and Outreach Coordinator
Adira McNally

Whitworth ASWU

300 W. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99251